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Dream State:
A Fusion of Synth and Shakespeare

Immerse yourself in an ethereal experience where the realms of sound and literature intertwine. "Dream State" is a playful performance art experience that combines the rhythms of electric synth with timeless lines from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Take a journey through the subconscious, where the walls between imagination and reality (and the walls between ourselves and others) disappear. Nature, light, sound, fairies, movement, electricity, paper, vibrations, giggles, connection… such stuff as dreams are made on. 


Dreamed up by Meghan Covington. Featuring the musical talents of Jon Hatch, and the theatrical talents of Sweta Keswani, Traci Redmond, and Julia Schonberg.

*Please note: This performance includes use of strobe lights.


Adults only!

July 6th at 8pm

The River's Edge Theatre Co. Studio.

All tickets $20


Past After Hours Performances...


Poetry and Pajamas

February 10th, 8pm-10pm

At the River's Edge Theatre Co. Studio


Grab your Valentine, friend, or lover and your favorite pajamas (robes, silks, fluffy bunny pjs…whatever your heart desires)! You are invited to a fun-filled night featuring some of the most romantic poems of all time read by some of the most talented actors in the Rivertowns. The event starts with a reception where you can sip, snack, and mingle, and ends with our sexy poetry slam. Did we mention cheese is provided by Bloomy Dobbs?


Pajamas are strongly encouraged!

Tickets: $25 per person or $40 per couple

Adults only!

Tickets HERE.

What is the After Hours Series?

Our After Hours Series is a playful exploration of love and intimacy through theatre and performing arts, with the goal to promote deeper connections within our relationships and with ourselves. What kinds of events will be included in our after hours series?  Poetry readings, Couples Improv, Storytelling, Burlesque workshops and more!


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