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Too cold outdoors? Come play indoors at River’s Edge Theatre Co! February 21st-24th we will be offering theatre making workshops for kids ages 6-10. Drop in to one or come to all four!

$50 per workshop or $160 for all 4!

Workshop times are 9am to 11:30am.

Students should bring a water bottle and nut free snack.

Workshops are taugh by Meghan Covington.

Recommended for ages 6-10



Tuesday 2/21

Improv Extravaganza

It’s a two-hour improv extravaganza! Students will explore basic improv skills, while learning to think quick on there feet and overcome stage fright. We will dive into various team building exercises and classic theatre games. Please bring a water bottle and nut free snack.


Wednesday 2/22

Clowning and Mime

Learn to use your body onstage! As an actor it is important to tell stories using physicality, facial expression, and creativity. Studnets will explorwaht it means to create a character through classic clowning and pantomine techniques.

Students should come dressed in comfortable clothing and be prepared to laugh!


Thursday 2/23

Costume Design

Let’s follow our artistic impulses and design costumes for some of our favorite characters from books, movies, and plays. Students will learn the key elements of costume design, and even create some costume pieces for their selves. We will not be sewing, so sewing experience is required!

Friday 2/24

Mini Page to Stage

Just like our signature Page to Stage class students an opportunity to create very own play from scratch, but instead of having 10 weeks to prepare, they will have just 2 and a half hours! Perfect for social emotional learning, this theatre making class requires students to collaborate and connect. Basic acting, playwriting, improvisation, and storytelling techniques will be explored through creative play.

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